The Bookshelf book

The book of the Bookshelf blog is published by Thames & Hudson. Many thanks to all of you for visiting, suggesting and getting in touch over the last few years and I hope you will enjoy the book just as much. You can buy it from your local independent bookshop or from or or There will also be Swedish, French and German editions.


"Look to art, engineering and design to revolutionise book storage in spectacular style as shown so beautifully in Bookshelf"
Saga Magazine

"Bookshelf by Alex Johnson is inspiring ...well it inspires covetousness if I'm honest"

"should see a resurgence in paperback appreciation... full of novel ideas."
Marie Claire

"visual explorations of how we curate our own domestic Dewey systems"
The Times

"La folle passion du journaliste anglais Alex Johnson"
Elle Decoration

"Full of furniture to covet and inspire: the first book to look at bookshelf design."
The Bookseller